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Building a YPVS RGV RS250 special

This is the Yamaha RD YPVS 350R (RD 350 RD350) (RZ350 in the Unites States) that I purchased for my specials project. Fast becoming a classic Japanese two stroke, well maybe in another 15 years! She is a 10,000 mile, almost immaculate Yamaha YPVS 1992 Brazilian model. I have all of the MOTs and all of the service history. Almost seems a shame to pull this Yamaha to bits, but that's what I bought her for, so that is what is going to happen. Just a few days after this photograph was taken the bike was totally stripped down. Even worse than that, I had cut off the rear sub frame and the top and bottom rear suspension mounting points. The end of the YPVS Yamaha!



The frame was almost unrecognisable. “Will she ever be back on the road again?”, I was asked. “Of course she will!”, I replied with a little trepidation in my voice. Within the year I said. I had given myself a year as my wife and I had just had a new baby and I knew a lot of my time was going to be taken up helping with Emma, but still.......a year........no problem! Even with all the tuning that I wanted!



I wish I had taken more photographs of the destruction and construction than I did. But I will try and take you through each part as best I can with what I have. Let me know what you think of the finished product when you get to the end.



I will try to show you the main procedures I go through during the construction of my YPVS Special and I hope that the information I include will be of help to you if you ever decide to undertake such a project yourself.

A few images of the finished YPVS Special


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